Hearth: the values

We believe in quality, style and elegance.

The beauty of the leathers, the importance of the artisanal manufacturing and the creation of one of a kind products are our credo.



Hearth, made in Rome since 2008


Hearth means fireplace, family.


Hearth means having a relaxed attitude, being in peace and harmony with the world and nature.


Hearth is well being, acceptance, sharing, simply being yourself, without stress.


Hearth = Heart + Earth 


Hearth is focused on artisanal world, purely made in Italy, moreover handmade in Rome, using refined materials and recycled ones, in a fair way.


Hearth is against mass production.

We believe in Made to Order, in Handmade production and so in unique items, that have their slow time of production and this is a real value.


Our motto is "the elegance of style". 

Hearth items are handmade, artisanal and made in a limited series.


Each product is made with love in Rome, by expert artisans and each accessory is original and one of a kind.


If you dream to have a product in the color you prefer, the "Made to Order" service will help your dream to come true: it takes from 3 to 5 weeks to produce your desired leather good. Just send us your specs, keep in touch and we'll help you make the item you want, searching the best leather and accessories for your product.