Welcome to the blog of Hearth

Welcome to the brand new blog of Hearth!


Hearth was born in Rome, Italy, in 2008 as an Indie fashion brand, focusing on handmade items, made following the heart, respectful of the earth and inspired by art.


All the three nouns (heart, earth, art) are inside the word Hearth. And they are the most significant values of the brand.


In 2015, the creator and designer of Hearth, Anna Paola Pascuzzi decided to study, research and bring to life the first Hearth bag, called the Saddle Bag.


It is inspired by Western saddles and the most important concept is the shape of the strap, the proportions, the way it is built and the beautiful way it is worn on the body. It gives the feeling of horsemanship.


The first proto is made in a fine Italian leather, in a unique red color, with golden accessories and a zipper pull in the shape of a pine cone (a reference to the important area of the city centre of Rome, called Rione della Pigna, emphasizing the fact that the items are made in Rome and very linked to the local manufacturing ).


The lining of the bag is made in leather and it has a zipped pocket with the brand name on it, the only place where the brand is present, since our goal is to have elegant customers who love quality and a gentle way of dressing.


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